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As a starting entrepreneur you are confronted with a lot of issues. Setting up a company costs a lot of energy and organizing the administration often comes in last place. You cannot do both. It is too important, because a good and well-ordered administration is the basis of your company.

No nonsense takes care of this administrative task, so you can concentrate on other issues. We will set up and take care of an entire or partial administration, as preferred. Above all we think along the same lines as you.

For example, starting entrepreneurs can claim various allowances from the inland revenues, but many entrepreneurs are not aware of this.

As a starting entrepreneur you do not need an accountant, an administrator or a administration management will suffice. We can work out for you the annual accounts

Our office can also arrange an audit report if necessary. Our reporting fits seamlessly with those of an accountant firm; in doing so we reduce the costs for you and the auditor does not have to do unnecessary work.

Did you know that?

  1. Apart from the self employed allowance, as a starter you can also claim a starter’s allowance, which is set at €2.123,-for 2013.
  2. Works your partner unpaid in your company? You can claim the so called assistant’s deduction.
  3. Should you discontinue your company in the future, then you will be eligible for a discontinue allowance; in that case you can subtract the profits with a maximum of €3.630,-which you achieved at the time of cessation of the company.
  4. In response to the bill ‘Work and Profit’ IB- entrepreneurs are also entitled to an additional exemption of the SME profit of 14% in 2013 and 2014. This means that taxable profits are lower.
  5. All costs you made for a company from a business point of view are fully or partially deductible. These include costs incurred with the clear aim to create an enterprise. Think of market research, representation expenses or costs for asking advice.
  6. Deduction of investments which you had to do as a starting entrepreneur: faster writing off. When you just started with your enterprise you have the opportunity to write off your investments faster than usual. So, in the first years of your company you can reduce your profit resulting in lower taxes. This is called ‘random depreciation’. You can also book your investments as tax deductions.

These are just some of the benefits for (starting) entrepreneurs. There are many more allowances on which we can advise you.

 Make the most of the tax deductions and request a tender or make an appointment


Our strength

  • Flexibility: Changes will be carried out within 24 hours
  • Customized: Always personal contact with your regular account manager and contact person
  • Punctuality: Your administration processed with the greatest punctuality within a week.
  • Competitiveness: We keep our overhead costs low.
  • Short lines of communication: Within 48 hours answers to all your financial questions freely.
  • Keeping personal contact with our clients.

No-nonsens is a made-to-measure service provider with a proactive attitude.